Saturday, December 2, 2023

11:00 am - 3:00 pm ET

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Experts often say that addiction is a disease of isolation. We also know that craving is a dominant characteristic of addiction. In Buddhist teachings, it is taught that strong desire or craving is a hindrance to the path of awakening, and it is one of the main causes of dukkha or suffering. It also blocks the natural flow of lovingkindness (metta) and compassion (karunā).

In this half-day program, Walt Opie and Dalila Bothwell will offer teachings related to the overcoming of craving, and how insight meditation practice, including the Brahmavihāras (Divine Abodes) practices, can help us cultivate a healing sense of deeper connection with others and ourselves.

Together, we will look at ways to cultivate connection through establishing mindful awareness moment-to-moment, practicing the Brahmavihāras (Divine Abodes), generating generosity, developing gratitude, and through simplifying our lives via the practice of wise renunciation. There will be experiential exercises, guided meditations, poems, stories, and more! Please join us if you can.

Meet Your Teacher

Walt Opie

Walt Opie (he/him) is a dharma teacher in the insight meditation tradition who has been in recovery for over three decades. He was first introduced to insight meditation in 1993 and began sitting regular residential retreats in 2005. Currently, his most influential teachers include Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Bhikkhu Analayo, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Guy Armstrong, and Gil Fronsdal. Walt is a graduate of the recent IMS Teacher Training Program, as well as Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders program. He has led sitting groups for people in recovery and served as a volunteer teacher in several California prisons for many years. He teaches around the U.S. at centers including Sacramento Insight Meditation, Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, New York Insight Meditation Center, Spirit Rock, and Insight Meditation Society. His website is

Dalila Bothwell

Dalila Bothwell’s (she/her) Dharma-meditation practice lives at the intersection of love for community, land, justice, and 12-step recovery. The granddaughter of Claudia and Gussie Pearl, she finds refuge and hope in the liberation teachings of revolutionary lovers - from the Buddha to bell hooks.  During her nearly decade-long tenure as a director for New York Insight Meditation Center, she learned the priceless value of sangha and the role relationships play in embodying the teachings and in creating kinder human beings. Dalila is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders Program and currently mentors with Ten Percent Happier and the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. She has served with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Insight Meditation Society, and Dharma communities throughout the US.

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