Thank you for visiting the IMS Online Learning Center. The Learning Center is where you can view and register for Insight Meditation Society online programs. 

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Why study and practice with IMS Online?

  • Rooted in the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, IMS honors the traditions, lineages, and cultures from which these precious teachings emerged.

  • Our expert teachers have the training and experience to guide you on your journey toward awakening and freedom.

  • NOW is the perfect time to live a life filled with loving kindness, wisdom, compassion, contentment, and happiness.


  • What is the Insight Meditation Society?

    IMS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit spiritual organization dedicated to the boundless sharing of the teachings of the Buddha. Founded in 1976 by world renowned meditation teachers Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield, today, IMS offers traditional silent retreats on our campus in Barre, Massachusetts, and accessible online programs designed for contemporary practitioners navigating the modern age. IMS silent retreats and online programs are designed for those who wish to enhance their wisdom, compassion, and happiness, and are appropriate for people of all backgrounds, faiths, and experience level.

  • How do I register for an IMS Online program?

    Hover and click on the program image above for your desired program. On the program page, select your desired registration rate from our sliding scale options. Click “Enroll Now.”

  • How do I create an account?

    Click "Sign In" on the upper menu. On the "Sign In" page, click "Create a new account" (that option is below the email and password fields). Create your new account and click "Sign Up." Note: If you have any trouble creating your account, please update your browser. You may also want to clear your cache and history. We have found that updating the browser is the fastest way to resolve any technical issues.

  • Is financial assistance available?

    Yes. As one part of our ongoing effort to expand access to the teachings of the Buddha, all IMS Online programs feature sliding scale registration fees and the opportunity to self-select a very low cost scholarship rate. Free programs are offered regularly, and no-fee enrollment for paid programs is available for those who request a fee-waiver via email. Our system supports the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive community and is made possible by our generous donors and those who choose to support IMS Online programs at the Benefactor level.

  • After my program, may I make an offering to my teachers?

    Yes. "Dana" is the Pali word for generosity. The spirit of generosity, foundational to the Buddhist path, guides all aspects of the IMS vision and mission. Since IMS first opened its doors in 1976, our teachers have chosen to offer the Dharma freely, and generous students have chosen to support those teachers financially. This shared generosity practice continues an ancient Buddhist monastic tradition and supports a cycle of generosity that nourishes our entire community. If you wish to participate, "Teacher Dana" contributions may be made at the end of your program, and your offering will help IMS teachers lead a life of Dharma and of service.

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