Tuesday, June 4, 2024

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm ET

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In the Buddhist tradition, renunciation typically includes leaving the household life. What does this mean for laypeople who devote their lives fully to the Dharma? Kim Allen provides an invaluable guide to renunciation as a path for lay Buddhist practitioners. In early Buddhist teachings, renunciation is associated with ease, harmony, and wisdom. For both monastics and laypeople, it provides a broad and deep underpinning to the entire Buddhist path, such that engagement with it draws forth our most beautiful qualities and supports the letting go that leads to Awakening. The book deftly combines sutta analysis, clear commentary and interpretation, and real-world examples from modern practitioners’ lives.

Meet the Author

Kim Allen

Kim Allen began meditation training in 2003, seeking both a path out of a suffering and a deeper experience of life, and met her primary teacher Gil Fronsdal shortly thereafter. She has sat for cumulative years of silent retreat in the West and Sri Lanka, and has also studied with a few teachers from the later Buddhist traditions. She now teaches widely both in-person and online, with a focus on retreats, sutta contemplation, and programs for integrating deep Dharma into everyday life. Her teaching emphasizes the willingness to look truthfully at experience, feel it fully, and soften in light of what is seen. She enjoys encouraging people to bring the Dharma more fully to life. Kim sits on the board of the Sati Center and is the author of two books. Her education includes a PhD in physics and a master’s degree in environmental sustainability, and her website is http://www.uncontrived.org.

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