Thursday, March 7, 2024

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A remarkable shift alters the course of a midwestern mother's life as she heeds an inner call through the wisdom of Buddhist meditation instructions. Woven intricately with insights cultivated during her recovery journey, this empowering and radically honest blend of memoir and guiding narrative charts her spiritual evolution into abiding awakening. With faith and resilience, author Constance Casey learns to shape her own unique meditative expression, finding balance while navigating the complexities of parenting two teenage sons, the intricacies of close relationships, managing financial constraints, and building a home.

Whether on the cushion or amidst daily chores, Constance's exploration yields profound openings. Through vivid illustration, we are transported into the heart of her practice, feeling the rhythm of her thoughts, serenity of stillness, and revelations born in silence. Beyond a personal tale, "Time for Awakening" is a guiding light for those considering extended retreat practice.

"Constance Casey is a genuine and accomplished spiritual adept who shows us what is possible in opening to freedom. Propelled by remarkable dedication and compelling honesty, this Midwest mother and carpenter takes us on a profound meditative journey into the depths of insight and awakening." — Jack Kornfield

"Part memoir, part guide to self-knowing, "Time for Awakening" is a spiritual coming-of-age story that serves to inspire and accompany those drawn to the path of liberation. Through curiosity and vulnerability, Constance shares her transformative experiences and embodied wisdom, inviting us into a deeper understanding of the human journey." — Sharon Salzberg

Meet the Author

Constance Casey

Contance Casey, MDiv., is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader Training Program and was empowered to teach by Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman. Constance obtained a Masters of Divinity from Naropa University in 2016, where she is also endorsed to teach Mindfulness Meditation Instruction. Constance’s practice is primarily informed by the suttas in Theravāda Buddhism. Her long-term engagement in Twelve Step Recovery, Christian contemplative, and Sōtō Zen practices have also affected her open way of teaching.

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