About Indigenous Insight

Monday, May 1, 2023

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Welcome to Indigenous Insight, a monthly gathering. Throughout 2023,  join IMS teachers Jeanne Corrigal (member of the mixed heritage Métis Nation) and Bonnie Duran (an Opelousas/Coushatta descendant), as they bring together Indigenous voices and hearts to explore the Buddha’s teachings through the lens of the Indigenous experience.

Each session will feature a short talk, silent or guided meditation, and a Q&A or other opportunity for discussion. Core themes include...


  • Connecting with other Indigenous folks in the safety of the shared experience; 
  • Creating space for dialogue, and for stillness; 
  • Pausing the cycles of “doing,” and rediscovering the joys of “being,” together.


  • Stepping out of our day-to-day experience to touch the inner space of the heart; 
  • Experiencing the calming and nurturing benefits of practice; 
  • Identifying the near-universal need for healing, and finding pathways back to health and wholeness.


  • Honoring and sharing the practices that unite Indigenous people and those that are unique to a particular view or origin; 
  • Valuing each other, our ancestors, and our descendants;
  • Learning from the four elements and establishing or re-establishing a deeper relationship with our outer, and inner, world.

While we understand that many non-Indigenous people may be interested in participating, we ask that they refrain from joining this program which is specifically offered to provide shelter and respite to our Indigenous community.

There is no fee to enroll in Indigenous Insight . If you would like to support this program or your teachers, you may make an offering within the program platform after you enroll.

This program will be recorded and made available on-Demand 90 days after the live sessions.

Meet Your Teacher

Jeanne Corrigal

Jeanne Corrigal has been practicing since 1999, is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader Program, and the guiding teacher for the Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community. Jeanne is a member of the mixed heritage Métis Nation, one of three Indigenous communities recognized in Canada. One of her first teachers in loving presence was Cree Elder Jim Settee. She is a graduate of the 2017-2021 IMS Teacher Training Program.